Illustration, fiction and interaction.

  • Talk to me – A ticket translator with built in social interaction.

    The “Tal med mig“-boxes was designed as part of a course in Social Design where the theme was “Commuting”. “Tal med mig“ means “Talk to me” and the project aimed to help communication between foreigners in Denmark and the danes.

    In the beginning of the project we worked on the problem of understanding danish train tickets. I worked with Jing, who was on exchange from China. She had a lot of problems finding her way from Copenhagen to Kolding, mainly because she couldn’t understand the tickets. We found a really simple solution, where we made a small folder for the tickets that had the danish words translated. We then used the solution, the ticket translator, as a gateway to getting foreigners and danes to socially interact – to speak to eachother.

    We made different boxes for people who speak different languages. But the call to action, “Tal med mig“/”Talk to me” on the sides of the boxes remained in danish on all of them.

    Inside each box is a “clean“ map – a piece of paper with nothing on it, but with stickers that come in handy when you need to explain where you want to go or how to get there to someone who doesn’t speak your language. Also included was a roll of tape to make roads or pathways on the map.