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  • Gender – editing, editing, editing.

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    We were asked to pick a theme in a master class with Hunter Tura from Mau Design. I chose the theme “Gender”. The challenge from then on came in three stages: 1) create a book with loads of pictures that communicate your theme. 2) Cut down the ammount of pictures to half and create a movie. 3) Using one picture to communicate the theme.

    I created a small book of around 80 pages with faces cut in four – this way genders were being mixed and matched throughout.

    Genders are many things to many different people. It might be that to the majority ‘gender’ simply means ‘biological sex’: female or male – but for others this isn’t so black and white and there is a whole range of genders in between the traditional two.

    In my final poster I attempted mixing those two, the male and the female, to show the layers of distance and similarity between them.