Illustration, fiction and interaction.

  • Epiology – a fictious religion.

    In a masterclass with Thomas Thwaites we were asked to invent a religion in the future that would solve or worsen a current social problem. In the project I wanted to find a way to communicate a vision of the future where

    people rebel against the growing amount of choices ahead of them.
    There’s a new trend, primarily in the western world, where we are offered so many opportunities that we are easily overwhelmed and become fearful choosing. We become fearful because we can’t fathom the consequences of the choices that we make – or don’t make. At the same time we are presented with grand choices much earlier in life: A choice for an elective in school might exclude you from several options later in your life. Earlier the weight and the consequences were the parent’s to bear – today the grief starts much earlier.

    The people who follow Epiology make all of their choices with the use of their Epiology Book and a ten-sided dice. With help from elaborate flowcharts, based on statistics, they can make decisions on everything from love to career.

    The basic premise for using statistics as a way of helping people make choices was based on two things: That people want to do what everybody else thinks is the right choice and if enough people have done it before then it might just be the best option there is. If everybody follows the religion in the future everybody would eventually be called the same name and have the same job.

    There are tricks in life that you only find out late: Like maybe that glass of water you took with your aspirin is actually what cured your headache. People who follow Epiology won’t have to learn how to live – they can simply start living.