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  • Agnete og Havmanden.


    Illustrations for the old Nordic ballad “Agnete and the Merman”. Agnete and the Merman (Agnete og Havmanden) is an old ballad about a young woman (Agnete) who meets a merman and goes with him to live in the sea where they get seven children (or nine or thirteen depending on the version and excluding girls). One day she hears the bells on land and wants to go back. The Merman requires that she does not do three specific things on land but she fails and does them anyway. My focus in story was on the lack of thought, or reflection, Agnete has when she decides to stay on land. I relate that to the way many people makes a decision (regarding divorce or just in general) without actually thinking the whole thing through. I am not questioning the decisions, only the grounds on which they were made.